A lovely coaching client of mine recently sent me the following e-mail.  She’s a single woman who owns a condo and has changed jobs which necessitates selling her condo, moving to another part of her state, and finding a new place to live.  She’s one of those folks who doesn’t just need Plan B in the wings, but also Plans C-Z in order to feel safe and comfortable.  She’s made great strides on letting go of having to control every detail, but, on this particular day was needing some support and guidance to allow the unfolding.  Below is her e-mail and my response.  Hopefully there’s something in here that YOU need to remember today:

Hi Bonnie,
Having a crisis of faith.
I’m not panicking.
If it doesn’t sell, I move, rent something, rent this and sell it starting next March or April.
I just want to know why these things seem to work out for so many other people and not for me. (And yes I know it hasn’t NOT worked for me yet). I just can’t quite figure it out. I’m a good person. I do the right thing most of the time. I put others before me, probably entirely too often and too much. I am trying to believe that this will come together.
Sigh. Maybe I’m tired. Why can’t my friend  love it, decide he wants to buy it, and then it’s done?
Ugh. At least it’s Friday. One Friday closer to moving.

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 8:19 AM, Bonnie Nussbaum <bonnie@empowermentandpurpose.com> wrote:

Good Morning, Sunshine!

I hope this message finds you in a better place than from your message last night!  Here are your steps to peace:

1.  Stop connecting your worth as a person with the sale of the condo.  You being a “good girl” has nothing to do with it selling, my dear.  If selling the condo before you move is in the Divine Highest Good, it sells.  If not, then not.  You don’t have to behave to get that to happen, so breathe a sigh of relief!  You’re off that hook!  (I’m sensing a blog post coming on here…)

2.  Know that things “working out” for others and not you is SOOOO coming from your Conditioned Self!  Things always “work out”…always, Always, ALWAYS!!!  Perhaps not in the definition of working out that we want to see, but certainly in the Divine Highest Order.  The most tragic, shitty outcome (our perception…) IS the Divine Highest Outcome.  True, we don’t understand it, but it has to, by Divine Law, be the highest outcome.

3.  Now, your little Conditioned Self may stomp her tiny foot and scream, “But I want it MYYYY way!”; however, that might not be the Divine’s way and the Divine’s way is ALWAYS better than our way.  Cuz we don’t have the Big Picture.  Something might appear to be an IDEAL solution to us in our little microcosm of the world, but from the Big Perspective, it’s a sucky option.  Know that the Divine is always working to protect you from making your sucky choices!

4.  LET GO OF TRYING TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT!  Here’s where you get to practice that lovely thing called faith.  The Twelve-Steppers hit the nail on the head when they tell us to “turn it over to God”.  This shit isn’t ours to fix!  Allow Spirit to work in all of its Power and Magic and notice how often the outcomes are FAR superior to anything we could engineer in our feeble human minds.  Practice impeccable faith, dear.  That is your part in the equation.  Being open to all the ideas, people, places, things that come your way to help move things forward is your key activity.

5.  And..finally…when things unfold beautifully however they will, be grateful.  Send your feelings and words of gratitude out into the World where they can create more healing and spread the love the World needs right now.


Love ya, B