About Dr. Bonnie

Time to get to know me better, both personally and professionally. I’m a pretty down-to-Earth person, yet have an expansive energy when working with you.  I invest a lot of myself in working with you and am highly committed to your success…AND I help you commit to yourself at that same high level.  I can create a big space for you to confront your major resistances; the last big barriers to your inevitable success.  I am a master of discernment, able to hit the core of what needs addressing.  And I have the tenacity to “go there” with you and the grit to get you through it.  So let’s do a little Q & A so I can tell you more about who I am and what I can do for you.

What made you decide to become a psychologist?

I’ve always been fascinated by people!  In fact, my mother likes to tell people she used to steer me around with her hand on the top of my head when I was small because I was too busy watching people to follow her!

The funny thing about any of the helping professions is oftentimes people go into them trying to figure themselves out.  I felt a deep, lifelong desire to know what made people, including myself, tick.  When I learned not to buy into outside beliefs about who I was, I accomplished many things that surprised even me! The lesson I learned was to never settle for mediocrity.  In the powerful words of Susan Sarandon, “Never settle for someone else’s definition of who you can be”.  But this was a process of learning that came over time and now I share that learning with others.

What’s different about what you do?

How I coach is very different from other coaches in several ways.  Most coaching and psychotherapy involves a heavy emphasis on talking, creating plans, and executing those plans.  However, there is a crucial piece missing from most of these programs!  Let me share with you how I’ve come to view this issue: Imagine your mind represented by an iceberg floating along in the ocean.  The water level represents your level of awareness:  anything above the waterline is Conscious, that of which you’re aware.  Anything below the waterline is Subconscious, below your level of awareness.  Similar to an iceberg that has the bulk of its mass below the surface of the water, most of our consciousness is below our level of awareness.  Researchers estimate that 95% of our consciousness is Subconscious, below the level of our awareness! In other words, if you are doing a great job with your Conscious mind (5% of your total consciousness) on affirmations, positive thinking, goal-setting, etc. and your Subconscious mind (95% of your total consciousness) believes “I can’t do this”, you are destined to stall out and crash. The holistic methods I use, including EMDR, PSYCH-K, EFT, and Breathwork are all designed to go below the level of awareness and make the changes in your Subconscious where most of your power lies.  Imagine what you will accomplish when you have 95% more power behind you

How did you come to be a holistic coach?

My main focus, always, is empowering people to be more authentic, complete, and powerful than ever. How I do that has broadened over time.    I am constantly retooling to more fully embrace the work I’m here to do.   Several years ago, I sold my private practice, retired from doing psychotherapy, sold my house, and purchased a quaint motel in Rapid River, located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan to rehab into a retreat destination while growing my holistic coaching business.

What results can people anticipate working with you?

The first thing people can expect when working with me is complete honesty.  I will tell you what I think and why I think it so that you always know where you stand with me and our work together.  I believe we can move you through your transformation much more efficiently and effectively when we’re honest with each other.

The second thing people can expect when working with me is accountability.  I will follow up with you on everything we agree to for homework, support you through the difficult steps in your process, assist you in setting achievable goals so you keep moving forward, and gently, but firmly address any stuck points or back-sliding you might do.  I believe I am the most helpful to you when I don’t let you get away with the behaviors that got you stuck in the first place.  That’s how I’ve earned the moniker, America’s Kick Ass Coach!

As for results, I truly believe there are no limits to what we can accomplish.  Major improvements in thoughts, feelings, business success, health, finances, spirituality, career, relationships, and much more are just waiting for your commitment, effort, and actions to unlock them for your benefit and the benefit of those around you.  And I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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How long have you been coaching people?

I’ve been a licensed, practicing psychologist for almost 30 years working in private practice.   I have helped countless people, including those who have tried many other methods for healing with limited results.

Unfortunately, traditional psychotherapy as dictated by most health insurance plans often did not allow for the kind of deeper, holistic work I chose to pursue with tremendously successful results.  Over 5 years ago, I expanded my focus to include holistic coaching.  Since then, we have expanded from a one-to-one coaching business to now include 3-, 6-, and 12-month coaching programs; intensive, daylong coaching processes, retreats, workshops, webinars, teleclasses, and more.

Okay, now I know I want to work with you,
but I have some questions…

How do I get started?

Great question!  Your first step would be to contact me and I will send you a short questionnaire to complete. We set you up with a FREE, 15-minute phone consultation Discovery Session to determine what might best suit what you want to accomplish.  Then the decision is up to you.

Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum

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“…every time it came to talking about the price of my program with prospective clients, I felt myself wanting to apologize for the cost, and sometimes actually did so!  Through this course, I became much more aware of the value I offer, why I do the work that I do, and how the results can positively impact participants’ lives in ways that are truly priceless.  I learned how to talk to people more clearly and effectively so that they understand what I am offering and the results they can anticipate.  I now talk confidently about my fee and have learned how to make the money conversation comfortable for myself as well as my client.  As a result of this class, I have been closing 100% of my exploration sessions.  It’s a trend I plan to continue. I feel both competent and confident.  Thanks, Dr. Bonnie.” 

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