I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance lately.  How we perceive it, how we chase after it, how it seems to elude some people.  I’ve come to the conclusion that abundance isn’t something we need to pursue.  Abundance is within us; it IS us.  In other words, it is not outside of you or separate from you.  Abundance lies within; it’s integral to our very being.

Why, then, you ask, are you struggling to “find abundance”?  I think, largely, it has to do with that unnecessary, erroneous separation we have created in our minds about abundance.  We don’t have to draw it to us; we manifest it from within.  We are abundance.  We have all we need.  We just need to bring it out of the shadows of doubt and into the light of knowing.

How do we bring it forth?  Let’s start by creating and opening up a sacred space within that fills with abundance.  Do this by breathing deeply into your belly, imagining the breath clearing a space within that is filled with light.  Then just sit with that space for a bit and notice.  Notice how the first inklings of abundance emerge from the darkness of your fears of scarcity and lack.  Notice how these inklings move into that space you’ve cleared with the breath.  Use the breath to continue to draw forth and fill that space to overflowing.  Allow your imagination to envision this in a way that comes naturally to you…don’t question it; just be with it.  Enjoy the sensations of that space filling up.

Now imagine that abundance that has sprung from the endless well within moving fluidly into other areas of your life.  See it filling up your relationships, your spirituality, your thoughts, your feelings, your outlook on your life.  Keep breathing that into the fullest expression you can imagine…and then breathe it beyond that!  Notice that any limits you’ve set on it are just that…limits you’ve created.  And, since you’ve created them, you can release them with the breath.  Make a game out of seeing how limitlessly you can breathe your abundance.  “If that, how much more?”  “And then, if that much, how much more?”  Begin to grasp that there is no end to your abundance.  Attempt to wrap your mind around that concept.  There is NO end to your abundance.

Next, focus on bringing this awareness into your everyday life.  Play around with how BIG this can be.  When your mind tires of the expansiveness of this new quest, allow it to rest, knowing that it will never be able to return to its pre-expansion state.  How wonderful is that?  Just by imagining the abundance within, you’ve allowed your mind to break free of self-limiting barriers and stretch into a permanent state of possibilities.

Just for fun, write down some of the details of the expansiveness with abundance that you perceived.  And just for more fun, plan to do this process of breathing abundance into the light on a daily basis for 21 days.  You will be amazed at the transformative abilities you’ve created for yourself!