Deepak Chopra recently said “The giver benefits as much as the receiver”.  I love this quote for so many reasons!  Let’s talk about a few of those reasons.

First, it releases those of us who have had difficulty receiving from feeling guilty or ashamed to be given something, whether it’s tangible such as money or intangible such as love.  When we know that the giver is benefitting as much or moreso in the giving as we are in the receiving, it frees those of us who’ve been guilt-ridden about this to be open to receiving.  There’s actually a never-ending circle of giving and receiving that’s being created…how lovely is that!!?  I give to you and you benefit from what I’ve given.  I, too, benefit because I see the joy you’ve gotten from receiving.  That, in turn, generates more joy in you and around we go!  And, beyond that simple ripple effect, we also get a second reason for loving this whole idea.

Second, beyond the back-and-forth between two people that I’ve just described, there are ripples that branch out from each of the participants.  Each person feels so good about the giving and receiving that’s occurred, they “pay it forward” by giving and receiving with others.  Those others then continue the ripple effect with more others.  Social psychological research has shown that merely witnessing a kindness between two strangers opens us up to being more kind and giving moving forward.

Third, a giver can continue to be generous even if a receiver doesn’t receive very openly or well, knowing that the giving and receiving continues anyway.  That giver may not benefit as heavily with that particular receiver because of his/her inability to receive, but can still know that whatever the gift, it will be returned tenfold through future interactions with others.

Fourth, a corollary to that is a receiver does not need to feel beholden to a particular giver since we are not bound in a tit-for-tat reciprocity.  Rather if I do something wonderful for you and you do something wonderful for someone else, eventually someone does something wonderful for me and the circle is complete.  No pressure; no strings attached.  Just faith in the Divine system that all is returned to us.

I really like the image that I’ve picked for this particular blogpost because, to me, it represents exactly what I’m talking about here:  every part of this beautiful image is connected to every other part just as we are connected to all others.  My hope is that this blogpost and this beautiful image encourage you to be more giving AND receiving, knowing that this is the way of the Universe.  Namaste.