Expressing Your Truth When Others Disagree

This week’s tip came about after doing a meditation on self-expression. The meditation was focused on opening one’s 5th chakra, the throat chakra, which is the avenue of expression. This is about expressing the truth of who we are. But it seems, in current times,

Notes from Your Dark Night of the Soul

As some of you are aware, I've just emerged from another Dark Night of the Soul, for which I am incredibly grateful! The growth out of this one has been phenomenal, such that I'm actually looking forward to more Dark Nights (well…maybe not giddy with

Transforming “What Ifs” from Anxiety-Provoking to Possibility-Making

For all of the years I’ve been a psychologist and coach, I’ve watched people torture themselves with “what-ifs”.  They pose dire questions to themselves about upsetting things, then get mired in the anxiety those questions have provoked.  “What if my spouse dies?”, “What if I

It Takes A Village…

Yesterday I was unproductive as Hell!  I started the day fully intending to accomplish at least a good chunk of my list and ended up blowing off a meeting and eating sugar which totally takes me offline.  So what was going on with me? It

Who Do I Need To Be To Have What I Want?

“Why doesn’t anything EVER work out for me??!”  I pondered this lamentation from a recent client who was struggling with the break-up of a relationship.  She’d been through many relationships and had thought this one was “the one”.  She had also gone through a couple

Expansion In A Time of Contraction

It seems there’s so much fear, contraction, negativity, hatred, and suspicion in our world at present.  How do we stay in expansion, positivity, and joy when surrounded by those opposing energies?  And…why do we want to? In this blog post, I intend to make the

A Discussion on Faith

A lovely coaching client of mine recently sent me the following e-mail.  She’s a single woman who owns a condo and has changed jobs which necessitates selling her condo, moving to another part of her state, and finding a new place to live.  She’s one

Why Not Getting Our Way Is SUCH a Good Thing for Growth

There’s a card in my Grace Card deck entitled Growth. The message on the card says “Accept the lesson. When things don’t go our way, something more important to the growth of our soul is in the works.” I love this message because it reminds

It’s Not Rejection; It’s Lack of Alignment!

What do you think is the biggest reason people don’t ask for what they want and need?  Why do people not go for a raise, try out for a team, ask someone for a date, or anything else they could possibly desire?  Fear of rejection! 

Who You Are – Finding Your Self-Worth

“Only you can be the author of your own story” Deepak Chopra This quote struck me as so important to our well-being, yet largely unheeded by most of us. We defer the writing of our story in so many ways, thus giving away one of