Now that we’ve looked at who you are and who I am, let’s look at how we might work together. As your coach and counselor. I’m the loving thorn in your side who keeps you accountable and focused during our work together. I am direct and challenging, yet warm, loving and dedicated to your growth and evolution. I believe wholeheartedly in supporting and nurturing when necessary and challenging, empowering, and galvanizing when needed. I will teach you simple, yet profound tools you can use over and over long after our work together has been completed.

My experience has shown me that talking only takes us so far, then core change and subsequent  actions are required.  I will kindly, but firmly, hold you accountable to follow your words and insights up with powerful, steadfast behavior designed to propel you forward to your ultimate goals and dreams.

Allowing you to wallow in stuckness or self-pity does not serve you. I will put forth tenacious efforts to keep you rocketing forward on your trajectory to your ideal life. You will always know that I have your back and am supporting you fully to confront in yourself that which keeps you playing small in life.  And we’ll have lots of fun as we work together!

“After my first session, I had already seen progress and knew that this was going to work for me.  I felt a change within myself and have been able to move forward with my career. Through this process, Bonnie has also helped me target and work through other areas of my life which I didn’t even realize were contributing to my stress level until they were addressed and resolved.  Bonnie has helped me understand who I really am, how I want to live my life, and has guided me in steps to achieve that.”

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Working with me you will learn:

  • How to feel way more confident and fully believe in yourself.

  • How to quickly determine what keeps you stuck and free yourself from that.

  • How to directly face perceived barriers and work through them whenever necessary.

  • How to clarify exactly what you want and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

  • How to create a rich, satisfying, balanced life that works for you.

  • How to deepen your connection with others, developing highly satisfying relationships.

  • How to release the past, embrace and enjoy the present, and create your bold, new future.

  • How to take excellent care of yourself and support others to do the same.

“Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance.
Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.”

Ralph Marston

What You Can Expect:

  • At the beginning, we establish rapport as a powerful team addressing what brings you to this work.

  • A dynamic, vibrant, loving process peppered with liberal doses of humor and guidance.

  • Creation of your clear, specific, attainable goals and commitment to and accountability for those goals through generation of weekly steps and daily actions targeted toward the attainment of those goals.

  • Reframing and the past, learning the inherent lessons and releasing the negative experiences that generated those lessons.

  • Homework to deepen your understanding and support your evolving transformation.

  • Creating templates for repeated use on your own that address issues as they come up in life and how to know when you might need to check back in for a “tune-up”.

  • Painting a dynamic picture of your life in the future and making ongoing changes as your expectations expand and accelerate.

I couldn’t get rid of the intense frustration accumulated from my divorce. It seemed everything in my life, such as [my business], was starting to get affected by my struggle. I was hesitant to meet with a professional because of past experiences. I typically don’t like to talk about my hurtful past and feelings, especially with a stranger. Dr. Bonnie was a great fit. She made me feel comfortable…was able to work on my issues without asking me to open more than I felt comfortable with…

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