Invest in Yourself!  An interesting phenomenon regarding how people think about themselves has been revealing itself to me lately.  When potential clients are seeking my services, they typically start with one of two questions.  Either they ask, “How much do your services cost?” or they ask “What can you teach me?”  I’ve noticed that each of these questions is indicative of a particular mindset in the questioner.  The first person is heavily focused on expense and oftentimes has a scarcity mentality, believing there isn’t enough to go around.  The second person is focused on benefits and oftentimes has an abundance mentality, believing investing in him/herself is the main way to move forward in life.

I confess to having been the “how much does it cost?” person in the past.  Now, being more of the “what do I get for my investment?” person, I think I can offer some unique ways to shift your focus so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of investing in yourself.  The primary difference between the two is the focus on outcome.  The first person is focused on a potential outcome of loss, “What am I going to be paying?” whereas the second person is focused on an outcome of gain, “What am I going to get for my investment?”  Given the energetic law that what we focus on expands, guess what each person is likely to experience!  So a simple way to change your outcome is to change your focus:  focus on the success you are investing in and you will experience success.

This discussion also lends itself to looking at how much people value themselves.  I’ve noticed that those who ask the cost question oftentimes don’t place much value on themselves.  Those who ask the question about what they will be learning are often highly motivated and see themselves as worthy of receiving the fruits of their investment.

My goal here is to just begin planting some seeds in your awareness of how your perspective on what you are paying for makes a huge difference in what you will get out of it.  Take a little time to look at your perspective:  are you a “what is this going to cost me?” person or a “what will I gain from my investment?” person?  It is well worth your INVESTMENT of time and energy to determine this and make the necessary changes if it isn’t what you would like it to be.  Isn’t the rest of your life satisfaction worth that investment?