This blog post is about taking just one…just one step forward…just one bite…just one look…just one.  There are so many people complaining of overwhelm.  Too much to do, too much to think about, too much, too much, too much.  And what does all of this “too much” lead to?  A whole lotta shutdown!  Giving up, saying “to Hell with it!”, and a variety of avoidance behaviors like drinking too much, sleeping too much, eating too much, being irritable, road rage…and the list goes on and on.

So I’m here to give everyone permission (yep! I’m claiming the power to do so.) to only take on one piece.  However small.  Just an amount you truly can face.  It does not matter in the least what anyone else thinks about our small step.  It doesn’t even matter what we think about our small step!  Just take the step anyway.

When we take too big a bite, we choke.  When we take too big a step, we are off-balance and fall over.  When we tackle too big a project, we get overwhelmed and oftentimes quit or, worse yet, don’t even start.  So just take one bite, one step, one something.

Why am I suggesting this?  Because all manner of great things have been accomplished merely by taking a step.  Just start.  Just take the next best step.  Don’t worry about the step that comes after that.  Stay in the moment and focus just on one step.  Because, in taking that one step, a whole new view of the path can open up and the next step will become clearer to see and easier to take.  Feel the peace that comes with that thought…”just one step and I will have a clearer picture of my path”.

Know that you possess all that you need to be moving along your path with confidence.  It is within you.  Take a moment to connect with that wise part of you that will help you along your life’s path.  The wisdom is there; the power is there; the confidence is there.  Just take one step…just one.