As some of you are aware, I’ve just emerged from another Dark Night of the Soul, for which I am incredibly grateful! The growth out of this one has been phenomenal, such that I’m actually looking forward to more Dark Nights (well…maybe not giddy with anticipation, but certainly more willing to face them!). Today I found some words (from Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Guidebook by Alana Fairchild) that really captured the nature of this and since I know many of you are also moving in and out of your own Dark Nights, I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve gleaned to support all of us on this Earth Walk:

  • Spirit creates a weaving of Love, drawing threads from our past and looping these with threads of our future, drawing them together, back and forth, over time, until the beautiful Present moment is rich, full and abundant with Love interwoven.
  • Spirit’s weaving hand is steady, sure, and swift and the threads of your life are rapidly taking shape to reveal Spirit’s most beautiful Divine plan for you.
  • Tao Te Ching, a spiritual philosophy, teaches us how to live a spiritual life upon Earth and live well in harmony with all life with less effort and more abundant outcomes. It offers guidance for attaining harmony within the self and in relation to the flow of life, as well as developing strength of character and empowerment to manifest one’s greatest destiny.
  • The way forward often appears as if it goes back and the way back may appear to go forward…true progress is non-linear. This way is not step-by-step. It involves less resistance and greater effect.
  • Cultivate an attracting energy, not a forcing energy.
  • Life is a spiral pattern – growth and evolution occur in cycles. We do not grow in just one direction; we grow and expand in spirals, not straight lines.
  • Expansion means not only will you encounter more Light as you grow, but you’ll also tap into more of your shadow, bringing within it its own tests, challenges and opportunities.
  • When in expansion, there is a testing period, when you learn how to operate as a greater being, with more consciousness, energy, and power.
  • Our spiral expanding forward toward the future feels light, uplifting, like progress. Our spiral expanding backward into our past, the darkness, feels heavy, like we’re losing ground, going back through issues we thought were done. All directions here are truly expanding your Being, evolving to manifest your Divine essence on Earth.
  • The darkness will pass; it is the way forward. You must go through it; you cannot avoid it if you want to manifest your dreams, turn the impossible into reality. You have to grow to do this.
  • This darkness is not the same as the darkness associated with being numb, dissociated, semi-conscious that too many people live with. This darkness is the deeply challenging part of our growth journey.
  • The more we are aware of this, the less we’ll avoid it or fight it, the more philosophical and less frightened we’ll be by it, when growing into our destiny by taking a tour through the shadow side of our Being. (To get a greater sense of this, check out the music video on YouTube by Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence…the lyrics begin “Hello, Darkness, my old friend…)
  • You realize you are not repeating old patterns, but learning to experience in a different way, applying that learning and attaining self-mastery.
  • The Universe wants to bring you more abundance, fulfillment, and experiences than currently exist in your world at present. You need to be more open, receptive, and trusting for this to be, even when the results aren’t obviously there yet. Keep trusting, keep going. Love is guiding you and is prevailing, but you have to trust.
  • Don’t overthink; trust your gut. Let inner wisdom lead you, not your head.
  • You can know that everything will work out, but the timing and process are up to a greater force which you can tap into and flow with by trusting your gut and allowing feeling to lead you in as many ways as possible.
  • The past has served you for growth and can therefore be appreciated, but it is not an indication of your future.

My hope for all of you is the above points become affirmations or mantras that help support you through your Dark Times and keep you focused on the awareness and acceptance of those times being as much a part of your growth as the more enjoyable times of positive growth and expansion. We all have so much to learn from both our shadow and our light. Being willing to receive both is a most loving thing we can do for ourselves.

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