Revisit Your Passion to Tap Life Purpose!

  • Revisit Your Passion to Tap Life Purpose!

Revisit Your Passion to Tap Life Purpose!

I’ve talked in some of my previous blog posts about discovering your life purpose as a way to increase your daily satisfaction.  Today I’m going to talk about passion as a cue to your life purpose.  Think back to when you were little.  What were the things that grabbed your attention, kept you focused and occupied for hours on end, and about which you felt great excitement and passion?  Those things can be cues to what you are truly meant to be doing in your life.

When we are on track with our life purpose, we feel excited, happy, and centered.  When we are engaged in activities that pay the bills, but don’t feed our soul, we often feel depressed, anxious, flat, and unenthusiastic.  Do a feelings check with yourself right now.  What would you say is your overall feeling state on a day-to-day basis?  If “passion”, “passionate”, or “impassioned” are words that you’ve chosen, you’re likely on track with your Life Purpose.  Again, your feelings are a great cue to whether you are on track or not with your life purpose.

Oftentimes, when someone is seeking to make the changes that will bring him/her into alignment with life purpose, the Conditioned Self roars to life with protests about dire consequences of following that path.  This can take the form of fears of failure, fears of abandonment, fears of loss, feelings of inadequacy and more.  Simply because you experience those feelings doesn’t mean you are mis-stepping.  It may just be a confirmation that you are actually heading in the direction of your highest purpose to which your Conditioned Self, which loathes change, is going to loudly object.

So how do we manage the Conditioned Self when it is howling in protest?  Yelling back, shoving it aside, ignoring it are all methods most of us have tried…with limited results.  If you see your Conditioned Self as a wounded child, the answer becomes obvious.  Comfort that child as best you can and keep moving forward with your goals.  Point out to that wounded inner child whenever there is progress in the path to your life purpose and the child self will begin to relax a bit as those successes pile up.

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About the Author:

Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum
Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum is a holistic coach and clinical psychologist who believes people are capable of far more than they think they are.


  1. Tina M. Games (@MoonlightMuse) February 12, 2015 at 12:18 am - Reply

    This is such a great topic, Bonnie! ~ As a mother to two teenagers, I’ve been noticing what passions of theirs are beginning to dwindle away and which ones are hanging around. Interestingly, for both sets of passions – it seems to be based on the responses of others. They are beginning to let others dictate what they should stick with – and what they should shove under the carpet. This is a classic “conditioned self” response! ~ As their mother, I’m always inviting them to check in with themselves – to determine what voice they’re listening to and how it’s guiding them. ~ Flashing back to that particular time in my life, I’m mindful of the dreams and passions I let go of because of someone else’s opinion. This is where a lot of the conditioning begins to take place! ~ Thankfully, many years later, I’m finding myself returning to the passions I had as a young girl. They never went away! 🙂

  2. Kailean Welsh February 12, 2015 at 8:15 am - Reply

    I love the way this post brings the Conditioned Self to life. I know mine certainly takes on a powerful life of its own when provoked and it feels so big and powerful. I have come to see that it feeds on fear, which I can quite easily get caught in. With reassurance and comforting, I can reclaim my passion, move through the fear, and continue on in my efforts to live my purpose the best I am able.

  3. Christine February 12, 2015 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    Inner child work has been and will always be an important part of growing into our true selves. Thank you, Bonnie for sharing a simple way to address how to manage the growth process.

  4. Teena February 16, 2015 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Bonnie – This topic is so in the forefront of many of our daily dilemmas! Thank you for bringing it so close to home in a sweet way that is manageable to stay focused on our growth so we can truly thrive in our passion!


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