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Oftentimes it helps to get to know someone by hearing what others have to say about that person. Here are some testimonials from people who’ve worked with me on various issues, both personal and professional, that speak not only to how we worked together, but what they experienced for outcomes. My hope is these words help you imagine making similar progress in your own life and business.

 I have thought a lot about the session I had with you.  I, of course, can’t remember the name of the technique, but was amazed at the results.  It did allow me to let go of something I was clinging to so strongly – something that was so clearly standing in my way of moving.  Anywhere.  It’s just incredible to think of what the subconscious can hold and even more incredible to think that there is a tangible and practical way to reach it!  Again, I was in awe.
You do do amazing work! As I watched you with (name- confidentiality) it was incredible to watch and hear the transformation that was taking place with this person’s life. Trust that the universe is preparing you and will evolve as it should. It appears you have a big mission on this earth plane.
P.K., Kiel, WI

I recently had a session with Bonnie to explore and strengthen my connection with my spiritual team and I have to say that it was an amazing, profound and very fulfilling experience!

Bonnie did such an amazing job holding a safe and loving place for me as she guided me through a hypnotic state to where my spiritual team was. I could clearly see and know who my spiritual team is and I was able to receive the messages from them that I so badly needed. She did a great job helping me to understand my experience and gave me the tools I needed to access my team on a regular basis.

Bonnie is such a wonderful positive person to be around and I am so grateful that she is open to sharing these gifts with all of us! I am forever grateful for helping me to get to the next level in my life journey!

I would recommend Bonnie to anyone looking to break down personal barriers and move forward on the path to a successful and fulfilling life.

A.M., Kewaunee, WI
Just FYI…my husband just said to me today, “I don’t think I’ve seen you this happy since our wedding day.” THANK YOU!!!! 🙂
L.F., Green Bay, WI
Bonnie, you need to know how amazing & powerful your messages are! I feel very blessed to be on your mailing list! Please keep them coming! Thank You!
I strongly recommend Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum if you are having difficulty getting through a situation at work, in your relationship, or any other life issue. Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum has a great energy and clearly has a lot of experience working with people. Thank you, Dr. Bonnie, for your great help!
M.A.G., Appleton, WI
I would highly recommend Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum to anyone considering life coaching and/or counseling. I had tried traditional talk therapy in the past with limited success, and was looking for an alternative approach to help address some work-related stressors and struggles. After talking with Bonnie on the phone, I knew that her form of counseling and coaching was something I wanted to try. After my first session, I had already seen progress and knew that this was going to work for me. I felt a change within myself and have been able to move forward with my career. Through this process, Bonnie has also helped me target and work through other areas of my life which I didn’t even realize were contributing to my stress level until they were addressed and resolved. Bonnie has helped me understand who I really am, how I want to live my life, and has guided me in steps to achieve that. Bonnie is knowledgeable on a variety of topics and has been able to provide me with information and resources that have been a tremendous help outside of the counseling sessions. Bonnie has a compassionate nature which has made me feel comfortable and at ease and allows me to be open and honest.
L.F., Green Bay, WI
This experience was incredible…I can hardly believe what I created. It is unbelievable. Today I woke up earlier than normal, felt better. My nights sleep was different. I got on my Wii Fit and had 55 minutes of exercise. It felt great! I had a power day…it all felt great. I went about my day with such confidence. It is true; I am, I have blossomed, it is ME!”
Kathy, Pulaski, WI
When I received the e-mail about the Manifestation Workshop you were offering, I, as a businessman, thought it was too airy-fairy. Then I recalled that, after the last workshop I took from you, I earned $100,000 more the following year! I couldn’t turn down another opportunity like that and I’m really glad I didn’t!
John, Green Bay, WI
My conscious and subconscious wants to give you a HIGH 5 right now, so consider it done! My body is dancing instead! Also, I just can’t tell you how fun this is! It has changed my compassion fatigue, my butt fatigue, my energy fatigue!! I have had a lot of fun.
Vicki, Neenah, WI
Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum came to Peace Lutheran’s “Morning On The Beach With Jesus” January 25, 2014 and was our key speaker. She coached us on how to “Row, row, row your boat GENTLY down the stream”, NOT to “paddle furiously to try to get back to where you were”, NOT to “close your eyes, hang on, and scream at the top of your lungs”. Just to row gently down the stream. She has a wonderful sense of humor! I feel that she helped me understand that giving it to God isn’t quitting. Her encouragement both professionally and personally has benefitted me greatly! As the Parish Nurse at Peace Lutheran, I also had the opportunity to hear many positive comments from our parishioners as well as people from our community who participated in our annual event. She is a true blessing and we really enjoyed ourselves!
Marsha J., Green Bay, WI
Using the emotions feelings posters helped me get in touch with feelings I didn’t know were present. Awareness of those feelings and issues helped me work through them in a positive, healing way.
Jerry C., Green Bay, WI
The way you counsel is so gentle, yet effective.  I’m living proof!  The way you approach things is huge.  What you do that’s different from other counselors I’ve been to is you let us come to our own conclusions.  I fix myself; you don’t fix me.  It’s like the technique (PSYCH-K) you use lets me do it so it means much more.
J.S., Green Bay, WI

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