A recent TUT…A Note from the Universe is the impetus for today’s blog post.  The e-mail was about living your dreams, but the line that jumped off the screen and smacked me into awareness was the following:  Die to yesterday’s illusions and be reborn to the truth of your vision.  Wow.  Ponder that for a few moments, if you will.

“Die to yesterday’s” strikes me as such a powerful way to articulate the need to totally  let go of the past and the unfortunate limits our perception of the past can create.  “Letting go”, “releasing”, “moving beyond” etc don’t pack the same wallop as DIE to.  The finality and profundity of “die” makes it clear that this is a major shift that occurs.

“yesterday’s illusions” implies the distorted nature of our beliefs.  It’s beyond mere negative thoughts.  It’s beyond unsupported beliefs. It is the  unreal ILLUSIONS, sometimes bordering on delusions, that drive deep into our psyche and mess us up.  These can be the result of our faulty assessments of why something happened the way it did, another person’s reactions that we processed a particular way, or a spoken or implied message from others about our own worth.  Regardless of origin, these illusions are just that…not real.

“be reborn” again implies the massiveness of the process we go through.  This is not a little deal here, folks!  This is literally a transformation from an old way of being that no longer serves us to a fresh, new being birthed!

“to the truth”, to me, hallmarks the importance of our own, personal truth.  This may not be Truth with the capital T, but it is our own truth and points to how important it is that we not only listen to our own inner wisdom, but validate it and act upon it.

“of your vision” makes me almost want to change the “v” to a capital letter.  It is OUR VISION that drives all of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors in a specific direction, whether we are aware of that vision or not.  I frame someone’s vision as an ever-changing destination toward which we each head.  It is so important to view our Vision as dynamic, not static.  When we don’t adjust to or modify our Vision as we go along, we run the risk of missing out on the wonderful byways that occur along our life’s path and ending up where we intended, but not where we’re meant to be.  I’m not suggesting we veer off on a whim.  I’m suggesting that we be highly observant as we traverse our path to how well a particular path we’ve set out upon is continuing to serve us.  If that path we’re walking begins to diverge from where we are meant to go, heading instead where we intend to go, perhaps a brief pause along the path to clarify and polish our Vision will yield a somewhat different, better serving path to be walked.

So, to all, I hold space for you each to:  Die to yesterday’s illusions and be reborn to the truth of your vision.