2018 Women’s Retreat in the Northwoods

It’s High Time You Focused on YOU!

Begin your new year with a weekend of rejuvenation just for you. Pamper yourself with one-to-one restorative time with amazing healers, wonderful meals, rest and relaxation, a fire and talking circle, along with some thought-provoking talks and demonstrations.  You can participate in as much of the programming as you choose.

Agenda will include time for:

  • Meeting the Speakers, Restorative Providers, and Attendees.

  • Healthy, energizing meals created by our amazing chef.

  • Quiet space around the retreat center and in your room for reflection and contemplation.

  • Walking the nature trails behind the retreat center – fresh air does wonders!

  • A fire and talking circle in the Wabeno Lodge.

  • Walking meditation in the labyrinth (if it’s not totally buried under the snow).

  • An opportunity to participate in a book discussion around the book, I Am The Word.

  • Healing, experiential talks by highly gifted and tuned-in educators.

  • One-to-One restorative, healing work with our wonderful energyworkers.

Retreat From Epic Overwhelm and Distraction | Empowerment Coaching, LLC

Retreat From Epic Overwhelm and Distraction | Empowerment Coaching, LLC

PRESENTERS:  Our presenters will be speaking and creating experientials for you related to their particular topic.  Each woman will have roughly 1-1 ½ hours to work with you as a group.

Lynn Schuster, Animal Spirit Talker, “What are the Clairs: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience”

Fran Whelan, Angelic Energy Communicator, “Angel Messaging”

Anne Savickas, Energy Healer, “Cord Cutting – Releasing Outdated Energy Ties and Reweaving New Intentions”

Megan Heintzkill, Director of Financial Planning, Nicolet Wealth Management, “How Much Do I Need In Order to Retire?”


RESTORATIVES:  Our restoratives have been a hit every year so far and this year will expand on that success!  Sign-up sheets with prices will be posted for you to read and register for the services that draw you the most.

Bobbi Silverstone, Serenity Yoga and Breathwork:  sound and light therapy (singing bowls, tuning forks, light) and Raindrop massage with essential oils

Fran Whelan, Angelic Energy Communicator, individual angel readings

Lynn Schuster, Animal Spirit Talker, Telepathic Animal Communicator, Leading Animal Communication Expert & Teacher, individual animal readings

Anne Savickas, Energy Healer:  individual healing sessions, guided meditation, true self sessions.

We will also again have some very talented artists displaying their works for sale!

INVESTMENT:   $239 (includes meals)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  $209 when you register before midnight on January 12th.

BUDDY SPECIAL:  Each of you save $10 when you register together!

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Friday, January 19th
2:00 – 9:00 p.m. EST
Dinner Included

Saturday, January 20th
9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST
3 Meals Included

Sunday, January 21th
9:00 am – 12:00 p.m. EST
Breakfast Included

Hillcrest Inn and Motel
10154 U.S. Hwy 2, Rapid River, MI 49878
2 hours from Green Bay & 1 hour from Marquette or Marinette!


Meet Dr. Bonnie R. Nussbaum

I’ve been a licensed psychologist for almost 30 years working in private practice. I love helping people let go of old patterns that keep them stuck in life and create the life they’ve been waiting for!

Using holistic, energy-based methods for change greatly magnifies the success people experience in working with me. Why not try it? What do you have to lose except your old, stuck ways of living?