Lately, I’ve been struck by the results of the story we tell ourselves.  We are constantly writing story in our minds:  what something means, what someone meant by something they said, who we really are and what we deserve.  And this story we tell ourselves heavily influence our outcomes in life.  So what stories are you telling yourself?

I’ve blogged before about our Conditioned Self, the part of us that is the result of the wounds we’ve experienced in life.  Our Conditioned Self operates out of fear, holds back, worries about what others think, engages in negative thinking, is judgmental, feels conspired against, is pessimistic about the future, and is constricted.  What this results in is the story we tell ourselves that keeps us stuck living an unsatisfying, mediocre life.  How do you know when you’re in your Conditioned Self?  When you feel heavy, weighted down, negative, and pessimistic.  You may also be engaging in a variety of addictive behavior which is a sign that Conditioned Self is operating.

Our Authentic Self, on the other hand, operates out of faith, keeps us moving forward through positive and consistent action, is expansive in its thinking, feels hopeful about the future, looks at self and others through eyes of love, and knows the Universe is supporting us.  This, then, offers the freedom from the limiting story we’ve been telling ourselves.  How do you know when you’re in your Authentic Self?  You will feel energetically light, motivated, focused, excited, and willing to act on promptings from the Universe.
Now that you know how to tell difference, where do you go from there?  Hopefully, you choose to nurture your Authentic Self to be present more often, to grow in strength, and to keep you focused on your powerful, healthy, energizing story.  That, in turn, will foster steps forward toward accomplishing what you are here on Earth to do.  We’re not just here to sit on the couch, watch reruns, and pound down canister after canister of Pringles, people!  We came to this Earth with a mission, something to accomplish, a message to deliver to move people forward.

As one of my brilliant mentors, Shelley Riutta, said, “If you don’t deliver your message, nobody will”.  Even if others have similar messages to yours, you are meant to deliver it to certain people.  So if you don’t do so, those people never get the message.  Isn’t it time to step up and do what you’re here to do?  I ask myself this question daily, especially now on the cusp of making some more huge changes in my life.  Am I scared?  Yup!  Am I going to do it anyway?  Yup!!  Because, frankly, I would rather die having taken a whack at these dreams and goals, even if I fall short, than never to have tried at all.