Pay It Forward

Today's post is to encourage you to do a lot of little things for others.  Rather than waiting around for the opportunity to do "the big save", keep your eyes open for the chance to make a small, positive difference in someone's life.  A  case

Playing Small

This post is going to be different than what I usually publish.  It's going to contain far fewer words and expect much more from you!  I'm going to post a quote from Marianne Williamson and I invite you to consider how it fits in your

The Value of VIP Days

Ever set a goal and just not follow through on it?  Are you sick of taking the time to reorganize your life, only to have it collapse back into disarray over time?  What is it that we need to stay on-course?  I'm going to suggest

The Struggle with Time

Ever notice how, when you are on your true path in life, you have enough time to get done what's most important?  And, have you also noticed that, when you're not following your true path, time seems to be a very limited commodity?  Everything seems