Ever set a goal and just not follow through on it?  Are you sick of taking the time to reorganize your life, only to have it collapse back into disarray over time?  What is it that we need to stay on-course?  I’m going to suggest that one of the best techniques for accomplishing this is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Accountability is defined as keeping commitments, willingness to accept responsibility or obligation, being required to explain our actions or decisions to someone.

Having an accountability buddy is a great way to increase the likelihood we follow through on goals we set.  Most of us; however, do not create accountability relationships with others, unfortunately.  And, even when we do, our “accountability buddies” may be ill-suited to help us past our fears, catch us in our off-track thinking, confront our efforts to avoid growth, etc.  This can be due to their own stuck points or lack of training/skill in addressing your stuck points.

So what are some other options to help us get up and going on our life purpose?  Many people have sought psychotherapy or life coaching to do so.  These are wonderful opportunities to, over time, make the changes we want to make.  But, what if someone wants to “jump-start” the process?

This is the key value to a VIP Day!  In a 5-hour period of time, you get an intensive, accelerated format with the joy of working with a highly-trained professional who is well-versed in gently, but directly addressing specific issues you want to resolve.  The focus is on helping YOU!  The activities are designed to explore what is holding you back and to, not only get you to that core, but to make those changes on a deep, subconscious level so that they last.

Other values of VIP Days include this being an easy entrypoint into the work you want to do and being a  huge time savings for you, both in terms of the time we spend together initially and the immediacy of results from this work.  Additionally, these sessions can be recorded so you can listen to them again and again to glean even more results from your Day.  And we need very little lead time to set up your VIP Day.  You contact me and we can set your VIP Day up with a few weeks.

VIP Days allow for a much deeper transformational experience for you and generate incredible breakthroughs and quantum leaps fast!  You can learn and benefit from my expertise.  These Days are such enjoyable events that people will often choose to do more than one per year.

Typical concerns about doing a VIP Day with me include someone not being in the same location as I am, not feeling up to handling a 5-hour intensive process, not feeling deserving of a day entirely devoted to your growth, or fears about the cost of this intensive process.  One cool aspect of the VIP Day is it can be delivered face-to-face or virtually, so there is no need to travel for this process.  As for the concern about 5 hours being too much, there are a few points I would make:  the process involves a mix of worktimes between us and breaktimes where you are working on assigned tasks on your own, so it tends to be an exhilarating process versus overwhelming.  Also I do offer a 1/2 VIP Day which is an intermediate method for moving you forward in a slightly shorter format.  And, if you are the person who doesn’t feel deserving, you DEFINITELY need a VIP Day to correct that particular misperception!  As for the investment you make in yourself, this is discussed up front so you know what your options are.

Some people have remarked that they would be worried that a client would expect me to “fix” them.  I counter that fear with the description that my job is to foster the transformation you seek; your job is to do the work.  When you choose to show up powerfully for your VIP Day and take action, the results you can expect are nothing short of amazing!