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Big journeys begin with small steps

 If YOU are seeking an innovative, holistic approach to spark up your life’s transformation, this is it!

Welcome to Empowerment Coaching, LLC, a visionary program for expanding your life and your business. I’m Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum, America’s Kick-Ass Coach! I am a pioneering licensed psychologist and holistic coach who views you as the most powerful and effective tool for transformation in your own tool kit.

Why Work With America’s Kick-Ass Coach:

  • Because you have a BIG vision for your life’s work.

  • Because you’ve had past coaches who couldn’t hold a big enough space for you to face your fears, do your work, and claim your gifts.

  • Because it’s time to stop playing small.

  • Because you want to be held accountable, not let off the hook, for the steps you need to take to master your Mission.

“Kick-Ass” (to me) means the energy of fully showing up, owning one’s power and gifts, wanting to get down to business on this grand adventure called life. It’s about people who want to go places fast and stake their claim on what they’re here to accomplish.

Feeling trapped doing what you used to love? You’re making great money, but feeling little joy in your work these days due to pressures, deadlines, interruptions, or distractions? Knowing in your heart that there has to be more…

Having doubts and fears that stop you in your tracks when you prepare to make a desired leap and keep you “one foot in and one foot out” about fully committing to your life and business?

Struggling with scatteredness and lack of focus that derail you both personally and professionally?

Tolerating imbalances in what you give versus receive, what you do versus what you earn, what you believe versus what manifests for you?

Having a hard time asking for or accepting support even though you know you need it?

“Lack of time is not the issue. We are living in an era of EPIC distraction!”
Darren Hardy

Some coaches view coaching as a Big Picture endeavor whereas others focus on the nitty-gritty details. I am that rare coach who can keep you reaching for your ever-expanding Vision, yet guide you to remain grounded in and accountable for the action steps to get there. I view it as SO important to bring in your heart and soul, not just your head, to the business of crafting your path in life! Therefore, we will focus not only on your real world existence, but also explore greater vistas of possibility to make your dreams manifest.

“I don’t know how you do what you do, but, WOW! Is it ever effective!” KS

I work with people who have the power to influence others’ lives, to make a difference, to be change agents in the world. In other words, the movers and shakers out there are my Ideal Clients! Many of my clients are business owners and entrepreneurs, but I also work with people who’ve kept themselves playing small, hiding their bright light in an attempt to stay invisible and “safe”, all the while knowing they’re meant for much greater lives.

I love challenging and inspiring people to commit to their highest vision of who they are, what they can achieve, and how they can courageously and confidently step into the work they’re meant to be doing. Using a combination of deep, energy-based, holistic methods for change, accountability, support, and guidance, we will generate a marked evolution from where you are when we start and where you are when we end our work together.

I take a very heart-felt, soul-driven approach to our work together. My purpose is to hold you accountable for fully showing up for your life and your work. I discern when the best way to accomplish that is through gentle inspiration. And when appropriate, I will take a more firm, direct stance. I commit to inspiring and empowering you to step up to your full capacity by taking a strong stand for expansion in the face of fear, non-ideal circumstances, and doubt.

I believe We All Have Within Us The Seeds To greatness

My mission is to help people take off their self-imposed, self-limiting blinders and accomplish bold goals higher than they ever dreamed possible. It’s time to take your courageous leap!

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“The people who go all-in go all the way!” Nancy Juetten