It’s Time to Transform Your Life! Quit Being Controlled by Your Fears, Doubts, and History!  Control Your Destiny!

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Welcome to Empowerment and Purpose Holistic Coaching and Counseling, a visionary program for changing your life and your business.  I’m Dr. Bonnie Nussbaum, a licensed psychologist and holistic coach.  If you are seeking an innovative, powerful approach to spark your discovery and transformation, this is it!

I love challenging and inspiring people to commit to their highest vision of who they are, what they can achieve, and how they can courageously and confidently step into the ultimate manifestation of their gifts and talents.  Using a combination of deep, energy-based, holistic methods for change, accountability, support, and guidance, we will generate a marked evolution from where you are when we start and where you are when we end our work together.  Are you ready to soar?

Are You Struggling With:

  • Intense dissatisfaction with your current life situation in any of these areas: career, relationships, financial, health, spirituality, or others?
  • Overwhelming fears that stop you dead in your tracks when you prepare to make a desired leap in your life?
  • Depression that makes your life dull, flat, gray, and strips the joy from everything you do?
  • Stress that colors many areas, including your health, work, and relationships?
  • Scatteredness and lack of focus that derail you both personally and professionally?
  • Crippling anxiety that interferes with being and doing your best?

Are You Ready to Finally Commit to Creating Your Transformation That Will Lead You To the Life Beyond Your Wildest Imagination?

If so, where do you go from here?

Are You:

  • Highly motivated to live a more satisfying life?
  • Frustrated with your lack of progress despite your intelligence and talents?
  • Impatient to leave these struggles behind and get on with your bold, new life?
  • Determined to invest yourself in an innovative process to catalyze your transformation?

I believe we all have within us the seeds to greatness.

Oftentimes, we allow life experiences and others’ opinions to influence our belief in our ability to manifest our greatness.  Too many folks settle for mediocrity, believing that’s all they can expect in this life.

My mission is to help people take off their self-imposed, self-limiting blinders and accomplish courageous goals higher than they ever dreamed possible.

Unfortunately, information alone does not create the change we seek.  If it did, there would be tons of improvement showing up all over the place!  What we truly need is to go beyond information into experiences that foster the growth and healing we desire.  This might include one of my programs or packages, a workshop, or a tele-seminar.

Whatever the best, most profound method for you, my question to you is this:

Have you tried all kinds of methods, techniques, programs, and therapies to feel better only to continue to struggle or, even worse, to feel more hopeless with each try?

If so, please feel heartened and keep reading!

A great place to start is signing up to receive my free audio download “10 Minutes for Breathing Life into Your Life”.  This breathing exercise is phenomenal for releasing unproductive, limiting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings and freeing yourself to move forward.

Fill out the form to receive your free download. This will also start you in my weekly tip e-mail series which is garnering rave reviews!


This experience was incredible…I can hardly believe what I created. It is unbelievable. Today I woke up earlier than normal, felt better. My night’s sleep was different…I had a power day…it all felt great. I went about my day with such confidence. It is true; I am, I have blossomed, it is ME!
Kathy, Green Bay, WI
After the last workshop I took from you, I earned $100,000 more the following year!  I couldn’t turn down another opportunity like that and I’m really glad I didn’t!
John, Green Bay, WI